Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Hi I'm Debbie.
I love arts & crafts.
Making sculptures with polymer clay, handsewing stuffed animals and dolls , paper crafty goodness and other random artsy craftsy stuff. oh and i've taken a liking to picture taking aswell.. things in nature and whatnot.
Well crap.
I just made slideshows of my stuffs to share here but they are not allowed.
too many pictures to just post the pics. I know this because i got half done adding codes for the clay sculpts pictures when i edecided to just do slideshows instead.
I'll share pics later on maybe.

Anyways .. Mother's day is coming up. I made a few things for my mom but i'm still working on an altered book for her. still have lots of space to fill.

I am now trying to find or think up new ideas. I've already added pictures and poems and paper doors to open to see a new picture .. Oh and a spinning heart() and a drawer .
I haven't made a secret compartment because i suck at that. Seriously. Teh draw space i cut out ended up cut wrong.. spreading out a bit as i got lower in the pages. So i had to make a embroidery thread ribbon-like wrap around the drawer to make it so it would fit more snug. otherwise it'd slide right out when the book was tilted.

ok So other ideas are needed.
paper craft type stuff. And printing anything with colored ink is out of the question bc i used it all up printing out patterns & photos & stuff for the first several pages of the book.